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  Please read the statement once only and just tick what so ever comes as to you as a first response.
SD=Strongly Disagree D=Disagree N=Neutral A=Agree SA=Strongly Agree
    SD D N A SA
1 I am Proud to work for "my company".
2 People motivated to do more than expected
3 I recommend my Company as a place to work
4 I would like to continue my association with my company
5 My Manager supports work-life-balance
6 The organization shows genuine interest in well-being
7 The People treated fairly and with respect
8 My organisation values diversity
9 Managers take genuine interest in well-being
10 Managers actively seek to understand personal career objectives
11 Manager provides clear and regular feedback
12 Reasonable number of hours worked each day
13 My job provides opportunities for interesting and challenging work
14 There are no significant barriers at work to doing jobs well
15 Job security is high
16 Employees are kept up to date about changes that affect them
17 My company actively supports people during change
18 Policies and procedures are clear
19 Manager minimises unnecessary rules
20 The lines of reporting and responsibility are clear
21 Manager appropriately lets people to do their jobs as they see fit
22 Overall trust / confidence in line manager is high
23 Team receives quality support from other parts of company
24 Team's goals and priorities are clear
25 Work in team is well organised
26 Team looks for ways to improve customer experience
27 The company environment supports healthy team work
28 Job conditions enable people to be as effective as possible
29 Jobs make good use of skills and abilities
30 People receive praise or recognition for good work
31 Total reward package is fair
32 Better performance leads to better reward
33 You can achieve your career objectives at my company
34 Overall trust / confidence in Functional / BU / Dept. management is high
35 People have access to training needed to do job
36 My manager coaches to improve skills and performance
37 My company provides adequate opportunities to develop my skills and knowledge
38 Last Performance Appraisal helped understand how to improve performance
39 During last appraisal discussion development inputs were given to me by my manager
40 Overall rating of my company as a place to work - Excellent
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