• iReport: mobile attendance/Sales Reporting

  • useful for playing it safe & keeping parents up to date

  • Mobile app based HR/Sales employee attendance tracking

  • for your personal body gaurds, drivers, secretaries, staff, cook

     (works without internet, works even when no GPS*)

Instructions to use effectively

Report Code: this is a 10 digit mobile number of your boss to whom you wish to report, or of your parents.

Sap ID/Role: this is an employee code, sap  code or may be a company name, as you wish, or you may mention your relation with parent like son, daughter, old father etc.

Name: here fill your name

My number: here fill your 10 digit mobile number

Place/Office Name: here fill your company name, name of the company you are visiting, customer name, name of the friend you are visiting, school name, college name, hostel, library etc. be innovative.

then click on the picture on top right corner

Address: here fill the address of the visited friend, customer, client or your company more like first line of address

Locality: fill the second line of address here

City: fill city name here

Phone no: here fill phone number of your friend, of your customer where you are visiting, or any phone number you wish to pass to your boss.

email id: here fill email id of your friend , of your customer where you are visiting, or any email id you wish to pass to your boss.

Collect data for analysis: you need to make an in-app purchase for using this, but anyways, we respect your privacy, and this data will not be used except for analysis of accuracy or for your safely purpose in case of emergency.

In: use this to report in time, OUT: use this to report out time

LOG: use this to log your visit to friends hours, school, college, library, customer, client, vendor etc. etc.

Alarm1: it reminds you 5 minutes before this time.

Alarm2: it reminds you 5 after this time.

Mark Attendance automatically when here: this options, once activated, will automatically check when you are in that location, and mark you in and out. please ensure, that APP is running for this to work.

Read More about Usage

Disclaimer: App sends no data out, unless user volunteers to submit it by pressing the button, which also is deemed as a consent of the user in allowing App to send the location details. We value your privacy, and any data collected by us is purely for analysis will only be used in cases where your safety may be at stake.
  This App is the copyright of iAnimate.in in case of more clarification, call +91 800 000 0048 or email to ireport@ianimate.in.

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